Monday, January 11, 2010

Klickable videos

This is for content creators, indie filmmakers, web tv show folks, etc...

Discovered a really cool site called You can use the site to add tags and embed links into your youtube videos. It doesn't sound revolutionary, but here's what I think is interesting:

Let's say you post a trailer on youtube, you can use Klickable to tag things in your trailer. When someone clicks on the tags, they're taken wherever you want them to go- character profiles, your web store, your imdb page...

Still pretty basic. But suppose you want to pull some Lance Weiler-interactive-realworld-webworld-crossover type stuff. Klickable allows you to develop, for instance, a create-your-own-adventure. While someone searches for clues in your opening video, they can click on items, images, characters and be taken to the next video. Maybe it's a false start, maybe it's a clue. People will have to click to find out.

I'm only scratching the surface here, but you might dig it. I've spoken with Roger Wu, the creator of Klickable, and he's excited to get indie filmmakers involved and using the program. If you're interested, check it out, maybe it will inspire some ideas.

The drawbacks, as I see them, are that the final videos (with all the links, tags, interactivity) do not exist on youtube. They become embeddable, and you put them on your website, blog, etc. So you have to drive traffic to your site, as opposed to relying on some organic youtube traffic. The other downside is ads, which are unavoidable. You make a little revenue on the ads, and if your videos are interactive enough, maybe good revenue, but if you want a pure viewing experience it may not be possible.

Just thought I'd pass this along.

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